• This website is a searchable database that includes parts from all over the country. Dealers can list their used and new old stock parts on our website and search other dealers listings. Listings include contact information so potential buyers can order any part they see on the website directly from the dealer.
  • Dealers that are interested in joining only need to send us a CSV of there parts or fill out a google spreadsheet that we provide with fields already filled in. There will be a monthly fee to put parts on here but to simply search the data base is free. We do NOT take any percentage of the sales and we only deal with the uploading and managing of the database.
  • Part of your monthly contribution will go towards marketing the site, and improving the functionality of the whole project. The initial launch will have over 30,000 parts, even if you only have a few hundred parts to add please join us.
  • The best way to think of this is we are providing the pipeline to get parts seekers and professional parts sellers connected. Which brings up one of the plus sides of what we are doing, sellers will have to be professionals to participate, no backyard scrappers allowed.
  • Ok that’s the short version and if you only read that part you have the condensed version of what we are doing. Now the long version.
    This site has taken 2 years to get off the ground, the technology behind it is much more complicated than we had ever imagined. With your help and contribution the site will only get better. My name is Joe and this data base was my idea, the partner in this is Mark and he is the tech guy, the guy that really makes this site run, we both have our duties in this project, mine is to make sure its presented and marketed to the right people and Mark keeps the lights flashing and continually strives to make it better. Think of this site as a community of people searching and selling parts and anyone can both buy and sell here. Might even do some good old fashioned trading among each other.

A bit about Joe, I have been in the repair business for 30 years now, so not only am I a partner in the running of this site I am also  one of the anchor stores with over 5000 parts to contribute.  I remember a time in the used parts business when I sold most of my parts to repair shops and I want to get back to that. My frustration with the amateurs on the auction sites and the way those sites treat us as sellers is one of the main reasons I would like to see this site prosper. After all we are businessmen and should be able to decide how to run our shops without a heavy hand and overbearing rules. Not to mention heavy fees. Some of you that have dealt with auction sites know exactly what I mean.

We will strive to keep costs for our participants to a minimum and use a good percentage of that money to further promote this site. I believe it will take off on its own merit. I have talked to many in the industry who want this, I welcome your feedback and questions. Even if you can not contribute at this time please help us by putting the search bar on your main screen and try us out, it only takes a second to type in a part number and maybe you find a part or make a new contact.  We do have a dealer form on the site as well to upload your information. Its called …How to list your parts….

And here`s some info about Mark, He is the IT guy and owns and runs  the servers. Keeps the bugs out and makes the site clean and functional. We have a grand plan for this site and even plan on a wish list that anyone can enter a part number and maybe get a call from one of our fine parts people to fill that order, if you have any tech suggestions just send a note and Ill make sure Mark gets it.

Most repair shops and dealerships have parts on the shelf that are valuable but are oddball parts either ordered by mistake or customer never picked up. In older dealerships time has just marched on and these parts are for motors you consider too old to work on any more. But someone somewhere is looking for that very part, and the chance that person is going to walk into your store is small, but listing with us will get them out to thousands of professional repair shops across the country. Have a few used parts motors lying around why not just list the parts with us and make some money off them. Or contact an anchor member on here and sell them your used motors.

There`s different ways of looking at this site, you can promote what you do, list used parts, boats and trailers or possible just move out your whole old stock inventory to one of our parts professionals.

Even if you don’t want to list with us now, I think you will find us a valuable resource in finding new and used marine parts from professional parts venders.  Contact me at 231-631-2263 or email motormd@usedoutboardparts.com with questions.  Thanks for reading the longer version, Joe and Mark