Johnson Evinrude Connecting Rod 1984-2004 88 90 100 115 150 175HP 392591 321712


11412 CNR

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Item Description Connecting Rod
Part Number 0392591 Supersedes To 5005510 Precedes 032712, 0393754, 0387831, 0385911

Casting Number 321712

Condition Refurbished
Additional Info

No one treats your replacement parts like we do, and connecting rods are no exception.  I get it-some other random seller has it cheaper.  It’s not even remotely relevant.  This is the inside of your engine that we’re talking about.  Would you be willing to put hours upon hours and hundreds or even thousands of dollars into it and then wrap it up with inferior parts?  It doesn’t matter that some lowball seller in Florida or California has it for less if it shows up with bad bearing surfaces and rust all over the part.  The rod you order here will be flawless, polished out, with a perfectly matched end cap.  You’ll inspect it and if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, I’ll replace it.  When you install it, your engine is going to sing to you because that’s the only way we sell parts, period!

Fits: 1984-2004 88 – 175 HP engines.  Please ensure that your casting number from your old rod is 321712, which is the easy way to match this.  There were a couple of engines in those years that used a different rod.  If for any reason you are not positive that this is right, just contact us with your model number.  If you need another rod and you want this kind of attention to detail with your part, contact us and we’ll find the right part for you.