Johnson Evinrude Port Pistion OS .030 1986-1998 85 88 90 100 110 112 + HP 396588


5237 PCR

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Item Description Piston .030 OS
Part Number 0396588 Casting Number 328355
Condition Used-Good Condition
Additional Info Our pistons are cleaned, then soda blasted. This is why they have a flat gray look. Soda blasting leaves them spotless, dry, very rust resistant, and easy to pick out damage and defects. Soda is not the same as sand blasting, which leaves a pitted, rough finish. The gear is flat gray, but it s a smooth finish with a slight sheen to it. When done this way, we ve found that probably 1 out of 3 pistons are actually not in sellable condition. There is no way that we can sell you a piston covered in carbon and say with certainty that it s in usable condition, so this takes the guesswork out of it. 

Johnson and Evinrude .030 oversized piston in good condition. There are a few nicks here and there in the piston, but nothing that will affect the use. This piston will come with the wrist pin and retaining rings.

Fits: 85 HP 1991-1995
88 HP 1987-1996
90 HP 1986-1998
100 HP 1988-1994
110 HP 1986-1989
112 HP 1994-1996
115 HP 1990-1998