Mercury Connecting Rod 1970-1997 20-50 HP 3195A2 7621A3 C# 619-4844


21386 CNR

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Item Description Connecting Rod
Part Number 3195A2 which supersedes 7621a3 Casting numbers –  619-4844

Condition Used-Freshwater
Additional Info We now use a multiple step process to clean and polish all connecting rods.  This helps in the inspection of all surfaces.  We take pride in selling parts that are like new and in great usable condition.  You may pay more for this part, but you can purchase with confidence that this part has passed a series of inspections to make sure it is of top quality only.   This will make a great replacement for your outboard. If you are unsure of the right part for your motor, please contact us.

Fits: 3195A2
200 (20)-1970-1980


Our Inventory # 21386 CNR