Mercury Ignition Coil 1976-2006 9.8-300 HP 7370A13 7370A8 4995A2 7370A2 832757A4


20099 CLS

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Item Description Mercury Coil
Part Number 7370A13
338- 4995A2 
338- 4774A1
339- 7370A 6
339- 7370A 8 
Condition Used, excellent condition.
Additional Info These coils are in good condition.  There are no signs of being burnt or cut wires.  These coild are in good working condition.  This would make an excellent replacment part for your motor
Fits: These coild fit a wide range of years and Horsepower, If you are uncertain if this is what you need please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Years:1976 – 2006
HP:  9.8 – 300 HP

Our Inventory # 20099 CLS