New Shear Pin Set # 14 Hiawatha Mcculloch Sears Elgin Ted Williams



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Thank you for looking at this part. This is one of our shear pin listings. Shear pins are one of our lower value listings, which means a couple of things to you. We have taken the time to put a picture of each shear pinor setin this listing. We use this listing for multiple packs and brands, meaning that this may be a Frabill set or it may be something else. Either way, we guarantee it to be correct and that your item will be just like the picture, but so long as the materials are right, it really doesn’t matter what brand it is. We have taken hours and hours to build the charts for each shear pin so that you can determine if this is right for you. I also maintain a master chart so if you’re not sure what pin you need, please email and let us help you determine that.

Shear Pin # 14




McCulloch (Scott)

7.5 Standard


McCulloch (Scott)

7.5 Weedless


Sears, Elgin, Ted Williams


1960-1964 & 1969




Shipping: Due to the lower value of these parts, this will likely be shipped in an envelope with a stamp, meaning regular USPS mail.Frabill pins come in a plasticcovered package and for the purpose of shipping, we’ll often remove them from the package. Sometimes they take an extra day or two to arrive that way, so if you need this expedited, give us a call. Our phone number is in the contact information portion of our page.

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