New Shear Pin Set # 23 Chrysler Evinrude Mercury Sea King Clinton



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Welcome to Southcentral Outboards. Thank you for looking at this part. This is one of our "Low Value" parts.  In short, we did the math and determined that if we sell parts valued between 1 and 8 dollars for a living, we'll go out of business.  The only way to list these was generically, meaning that this comes with a stock picture instead of an actual picture.  They're basically part number listings.  I guarantee you that we'll ship you the part number listed in the title.  I don't prefer to do listings without pictures and cross-references but I also don't want to throw away box after box of new parts, many of which are obsolete, just because they don't provide a great profit margin.  Consider these our goodwill listings.  We're listing them because you might need them more than because they're profitable.  With that, please understand that there are no returns on these parts if the part number in the listing is correct.  If it's incorrect, I'll give you a refund on the spot because I'm not having you send these parts back but if we've listed it correctly, this is sold as a brand new item and once you buy it, you own it.  If there's a problem, please just bring it to my attention.  The last thing we want is a negative feedback over a 2 dollar item so I promise you that we'll work with you and ask only that you do the same in return. 


Please refer to the title for this part number.  With a few rare exceptions,  your part will be new in a package.  It may have been opened, but it's not likely.  If it's a gasket, it's guaranteed to still be in usable condition.  I know some of the old ones get dry with age.  We will try to ensure that every gasket is still pliable.  If it is not, I will give you a full refund, with no return required.  Every part is guaranteed to be undamaged and in working condition.  Thank you for looking.

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Shipping:  Due to the lower value of these parts, this will likely be shipped in an envelope with a stamp, meaning regular USPS mail.  Sometimes they take an extra day or two to arrive that way, so if you need this expedited, give us a call.  Our phone number is in the contact information portion of our page.