NEW TAKE OFF Suzuki 9.9 Carburetor 1983-1987 13200-93912 13200-939A1


1792 NIB

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In our dealings, we came across a closed Suzuki dealer here locally and from his stock of very hard to find parts came a whole stack of new take off 9.9 carburetors. He was selling 9.9’s to customers throughout the years and offering an upgrade to the 15 HP Carburetors and these are the new take off carburetors that he collected.

First of all, you can’t have a carburetor rebuilt for this price so don’t even hesitate over the cost. You get a brand new carburetor, in the box. It’s never been run and there are no known issues. They all come with the brand new fuel pump as well and the same warranty applies to the fuel pump. If you have an issue within the warranty period, I’ll replace the carburetor as long as supplies last. If you find that we’ve made some mistake in this listing, I’ll replace your carburetor. No questions asked.

Part numbers on this carburetor are 13200-93912. This number supercedes to 13200-939A1. These are in the box that the 15 carb came in so pay no attention to the 15 HP part number on the box itself.

I know for a fact that these fit 1983-1987 DT 9.9’s. They’ll fit 15 HP models in that time frame as well, but the 15 runs as a 15 and this will effectively turn your 15 HP engine back to a 9.9. I have some of the older carburetors, prior to 1983 on a separate listing,but I’m pretty certain that this will fit older models as well. The only difference was that the earlier model had a small valve in the side of the carburetor bowl. I think these are factory adjusted and didn’t require that valve, meaning that I think these carburetors will actually fit all models prior to 1987. If someone buys and can confirm that this works on an earlier model, I’d appreciate it and will adjust my listing for the earlier years as well.

This part fits engines as listed in the cross-reference below:

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